Flashing led floodlight, causes and solutions

30 april 2017, 19:22

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Very convenient and useful thing in the economy is a spotlight on led lamps. It can be very compact and emit a nice bright light which illuminate the entire area of your yard and will help in the dark easily navigate around the yard. With this led floodlight can be fixed and installed at one point and portable. But because of its design the system can malfunction and work incorrectly.

One of the most common problems that appear in led spotlights it is the flashing lights on and even off. In this article we will help you to solve this problem.


Led or any led spotlight works on the same type and they all have the same structure. Inside a plastic or metal housing is a light bulb that needs to send its light straight ahead. To achieve this only through the use of light bulbs around it is impossible therefore placed special reflectors which direct light to the desired location.

The location of the reflectors occurs in such a way that they concentrate all the light which diverges in hand at one point and then from there he goes to the side direction of the led floodlight. Therefore, the emitted light appears very bright and saturated heap.

The main elements of the diode floodlight

Considering the structure of the light diode can be seen that it consists of two main components of the semiconductor and two electrodes called the anode and the cathode. When the voltage is supplied through them they heat up the semiconductor, and he begins to emit light.

So the system worked incoming current passes through a special rectifier and the driver who regulate and stabilize the current for normal operation of the device. Because of the led requires twelve volts to the circuit definitely is the power supply.

Unfortunately though LEDs are one of the most advanced systems for lighting but they also can fail sometimes the reason lies in them and sometimes the reason is hidden in the device in which they are installed in our case, this led spotlight.

Now we will try to analyze the most basic and the most frequent causes of failure led spotlight is why he's able to blink when paired with a motion sensor in the cold in the off or closed state as well as some other reasons.

Now we consider why the version installed together with a flood light motion sensor causes him to blink and how to fix this frequent problem. Next we will talk about the reasons and immediately will describe how to resolve this issue quickly and efficiently.

So the reasons for the flashing led floodlight for motion sensor can be several

Reason 1ill-configured motion sensor

Very often installing such a mechanism, many forget to adjust the timer on it to hold the led flood light in working condition some time. As originally from the factory the timer can be set to a minimum value of one or less than a second.

Reason 2Loss of contact

Loss of contact after triggering the sensor. This problem may be hidden in the connecting wires between the devices themselves or in the joints. You should check the wire at the gap and carefully secure all connections. In case of bad connection, the sensor energizes the led spot light but the flow is immediately interrupted which causes a blinking light.

Reason 3sensor Failure

The defect of the motion sensor. To solve such a problem will not work it should be returned to the store and replace with working.

Check the contacts and connections of the sensors to the spotlight

Reason 4Continuous supply voltage

Very often, the motion sensor is constantly under continuous supply and some part of it slips directly into the projector. Scanty enough voltage to light the led but for the occurrence of flashes is enough.

The problem of the flashing led floodlight in the winter seems silly and impossible but it is still very common in modern models and even the most popular and expensive manufacturers.

The reason for this phenomenon becomes frostbite one of the components which is responsible for running the led. Sometimes even with frost to minus ten degrees led flood light stops working and starts blinking. Although the packaging operational temperature range is from plus forty to minus fifty. The range is specified of course true but only for the installed LEDs which work without problems in such conditions.

The reason for failure may be a power supply to test it, you can multimetro

But here is the trigger mounted in the led spotlight with such temperatures will not cope and most of the items such as the controller or the starting capacitor just freeze and lose their ability to operate normally until warm.

To solve this problem it will be necessary periodically to bring led lighting into the house to warm it. The best solution would be to keep it on all day in the house after that night to make out.

Reasons for this phenomenon may be a few

This is a very common cause which happens in the case when the switch mechanism is used with a backlight. Because the illumination part of the current can slip the led flood light which it flashes for the same reason that blink in conjunction with the motion sensor.

To solve this problem you must either directly connect the backlight is either on the way to the projector to set a bulb which will pick up all the current to itself.

Very often the cause of flashing may be a trivial error connecting namely mixed phase and zero. In this case, it is sufficient simply to change places, then the problem should disappear.

If your led spotlight worked for more than a year and suddenly started flashing, note the status of the power supply is usually their lifespan is no more than a year which may have different light effects and even complete cessation of performance.

To your led floodlight work stably for a long time and try not too much to exploit it. It is best not to leave it on all night turn it on only when you really need the light and you are on the street. Before sleeping it is better to disable it in order not to spend resources working mechanisms.

During installation carefully check all connections for a short and poor contact as this can cause surges which will significantly reduce the life of your led illuminator.

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