Not lit chandelier with remote control — causes and solutions

30 april 2017, 19:24

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Chandelier with remote control is equipped with diode emitters enjoys wide popularity due to the ease of use that is provided by remote control device. In addition, lighting elements are provided in the design are characterized by a low level of energy consumption.


The design of the instrument control panel is provided for modular units. Key components of led lights power supply controller, the radio control unit. And there are different models exclusively with lighting elements on the basis of the diodes combined option which includes halogen bulbs and led emitters. The presence of a controller structure makes the lighting device with control panel is much more functional since it can be used to change lighting modes.

From the controller leaves five wires, four on one side three phases one zero one with another antenna that will not connect. Due to the fact that the led unit is connected to the power supply so the device can be connected to the mains.

If in addition to the diodes installed and halogen lamps for the work of the last also requires the supply element in the form of a step-down transformer. Each of the power supplies for the light sources should match them in terms of load. The design of the control transistors and the chip whose function is encoded commands with their further transfer.

If the lighting device does not turn on no switching equipment or by remote control, the reasons for this may lie in the malfunction of the controller. To verify this assumption it is possible to remove the schema element.

Product led ceiling lamp with PU

Thus it is necessary to connect the led and halogen units directly to 220 V. If the light is on and does each of the bulbs is a problem in the controller. Will have to disassemble it and check all the Board elements.

In the case when such decision has not helped and chandelier with remote control still does not work you need to check the power supply led and halogen light sources. You can easily verify this if you test the filament bulbs.

If running each of the blocks diode halogen but when connected via step-down transformers light still does not turn on the cause of the fault lies in the supply elements.

But before you begin to dismantle the lighting device needs to check the batteries in the remote and also control is diet. These are the most common reasons explaining why does not the chandelier. To test the circuit elements used multimeter.

If after changing batteries still does not turn on the light you have to consider all the steel potential problems. We must start with the control panel and verify that the controller especially when not running the entire chandelier. In the case of a partial shutdown of the light sources you can move to the blocks of diodes and halogen lamps.

If the lighting device is successfully triggered by the switching equipment and the remote control does not react then the problem lies in its breakage. Instead of the non-working remote should be possible to use the other. It is important to fit a radio-controlled unit to the controller. Another decision to exclude from the supply circuit of this node is then the chandelier will turn on via the switch.

To determine whether the controller is to disassemble it and check with a multimeter the voltage across the terminals. The meter should show 220V otherwise you will have to disassemble this unit.

Next, carefully inspected the inside of the fee and all items on it as the tracks the presence of swelling pucherani any deformations. One of the common reasons why light is not lit when turned on, the capacitance of the capacitor which does not correspond to a sufficient limit of 1 UF.

In this case, you need to remove this element and solder analogue with equivalent parameters.

Controller and remote control

There is another common issue. Over time, the site mount the relay loses its functionality. The reasons are two large starting currents low quality soldering. To solve the problem also, you can manually replacing the relay, or reinstating him in his place but with better soldering.

To determine why does not the chandelier often have to check the units of the lighting elements one of which consists of the diode emitters. They are easy to self-install in the connectors it is important to observe proper polarity. The emitters are connected in series. This usually leads to the fact that they stop burning when out of order only one diode. To check the efficiency of the light source by using the tester.

The replacement should be selected emitters with the same parameters as otherwise the power supply will not sustain the increased load. Lighting device with a remote control often does not work because of problems with the supply element of the led unit which is easy to check by connecting this node directly to 220V.

If you don't burn the light sources reasons can be only two burned out bulbs all at once which is unlikely or the need to replace the transformer unit. Connecting the node to the selected power source is 220V, you can probably find out why there is no light. If none of the lamps not burning most likely the problem lies in the malfunction of the feeding element. Confirm the version by checking the bulbs.

In the case when it became clear that the light sources do not burn because of the failure of a transformer unit it can be removed. To replace the selected analogue with equivalent parameters. For all activities must be careful with halogen bulbs.

Their peculiarity lies in the fact that in contact with the surface of the flasks all contamination after turning on the lighting unit with remote on this site is burning substance. And this in turn will lead to redistribution of the temperature on the surface of the bulb it will burn out. Therefore the replacement of the light source of this type should be made with indirect contact with the flask use wipes lint-free cloth.

If the lighting device with a remote control are not included and need to perform a repair certainly in the process it turns out that some elements of the basic units must be replaced. In the absence of much experience in similar works, the question arises where you can purchase the right parts. Much depends on what parts you want to find.

For example, small elements of schemes such as relay capacitors may look either on the radio in the city and in specialized stores. Usually is most of these parts cheap.

It is quite another thing if the lights in the chandelier is not lit due to breakage of the power supply. Thus it is necessary to find a similar model. Easier to start searching at electronics stores and lighting or to turn to the online stores. The last option is to buy these parts is most preferred as the choice of models is much wider, the cost is often below market.

There is another option to use the services of organizations which are engaged in repair of lighting products. One of their services mending chandeliers with remote control the price usually includes spare parts. And the average repair cost is 2 500.

Thus, lighting devices are equipped with remote control make life easier. Their advantage is in the fact that in the event of a breakdown is quite possible to repair the product. This course will have some work to do as I need to check multiple blocks of light sources the quality of the connection polarity connection and some other points. But if you have a little experience to really handle yourself.

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