The selection criteria for lamps for seedlings

30 april 2017, 19:25

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Lamps for growing seedlings for the shortage of natural light under certain conditions. In particular this is necessary when the daylight is considerably reduced, or you want to increase the intensity of development of plants by artificial means.

But that such coverage had a positive impact on seedlings is recommended to choose light sources with certain characteristics. If desired, the lighting is quite possible to do with their hands.


There are only two basic solutions through which the plants can get enough light

Both options have both advantages and disadvantages. For example, the natural lighting of seedlings on the windowsill is the most effective on the southern side of the house. And in winter and in cloudy weather the problem of the lack of light is felt more strongly. To increase intensity you can use foil.

Enough to make a box for the seedlings and the hands to paste over it a material with good reflective properties. In the winter months, it is recommended to combine this method of growing seedlings with artificial lighting system.

The second option is the backlight involves the use of lamps of different types. Its implementation is somewhat more complicated as it is necessary to understand what spectrum is better to use lighting elements. In addition, artificial lighting implies the need of investments purchase of fixtures and lamps installations. You can reduce costs if you make a lighting fixture with your hands.

Useful for the growth and development of compounds hydrocarbons plants produce on their own. The process is called photosynthesis but its implementation requires light energy. Sunlight is perfect for plants. But artificial lights may not be suitable in every design.

To their own hands to find a lamp for the lighting system of a greenhouse is necessary to understand what spectrum is most appropriate. The fact that artificial lighting may be characterized by a different wavelength which affects the growth rate of seedlings and the ability of plants to bear fruit in the future.

The predominance of yellow and green colors does not allow the lighting to have beneficial effects on sprouts because of the reflection from the surface of foliage. Therefore, such lighting is considered practically useless and the colors are good only as constituents of natural light.

A crucial role in the development of plants playing red and orange. Under such illumination there is an intense production of chlorophyll plants develop faster observed accelerated ripening.

The predominance of blue and blue colours stimulates the process of photosynthesis. Under the influence of such light regulation of cell growth as a result of a decrease in the rate of growth of plantations and up the stem becomes thicker.

The range of wavelengths of color for photosynthesis

The impact of the purple color gives similar results. Infrared and ultraviolet radiation is invisible to human vision but in both cases there is a stimulation of the stem and foliage of plants.

Accordingly, for the cultivation of plantations of different species should be used led bulb for seedlings and other light sources which are characterized by the desired range to produce a specific result development of the ground part of the plants are fruiting thickening of the stem root system development.

On the efficiency of growth and development of plants is affected by not only the emission spectrum but also the duration of exposure and intensity of light. Therefore, a lighting system that is created with their hands without assistance should be based on two parameters luminous flux LM illumination area LK.

Popular products for lighting plants

If the lamp is selected by mistake too intense radiation to fix it by installing the lamp above. As a result, the illuminance will decrease several times. The value of this parameter is inversely proportional the square of the distance between the light source and seedlings.

In most cases it is sufficient to have the level of illumination of 8,000 Lux. Neither fluorescent nor halogen and other lamps are not characterized by such a quantity, so you need to define it yourself. To do this, multiply the square footage to house the seedlings to luminous flux LM, the value of which can be found in the specifications of the light source. But it will be the minimum value to obtain the real data should take into account the loss of about 30% that is determined by the mounting height of the luminaire.

The selection is made from several basic types of lighting elements with halogen led fluorescent sodium. The first of these variants is different enough high KDP because of the heat, but still cheaper than analogs.

Plus the acceptable range with a predominance of red and orange colors, the color temperature is 2800 K. Fluorescent lamps contains a wide assortment of excellent models of the composition of the phosphor which covers the inner walls of the flask.

There are special light sources for growing plants fitolampy therefore preferable to use them. Conventional fluorescent lamps are characterized by a lack of the waves of the red spectrum. Sodium counterparts are popular due to the wide range of radiation.

Recently used led light sources. They have a high efficiency small capacity of a wide range of different types of models with various range of the predominance of red, blue and other colors.

The most simple and not too time consuming way to light the boxes with seedlings is the use of led strip. To be able to do all the work your hands will need the following materials tool

Point the diodes are connected by means of soldering then the chain is connected to the power supply which should always be between the power supply network of 220 V and diodes. The emitters are attached by thermal grease or a hot-melt adhesive. Based on the design profile conducive to heat dissipation.

If you will use the led strip in this case, the emitters on the strip are usually all of one type. The mount profile is made by means of double-sided tape. Connect the power supply to the strip requires connecting the two wires that allows the entire work to perform with his own hands.

Therefore choosing a light source for growing seedlings you must first pay attention to the color temperature as it determines the quality of light for plants of different species.

It is also important to calculate the appropriate radiation level for the illuminated area. This takes into account the total illumination of the object and the luminous flux of the lamp.

The most preferred type of light source is product-based diodes such as tape or dot emitters. They can be used their hands to arrange illumination of the seedlings.

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