Tips and recommendations for choosing a ceiling chandelier

30 april 2017, 19:24

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Quality lighting is the key to a successful holiday organization a comfortable environment and ability to work comfortably or go about their daily chores. The quality of light in the first place depends on what kind of coal was chosen and how it was installed. Because each room requires its own individual lighting.

For example in the bathroom requires an entirely different light than in the bedroom where it is quite dim lighting which will contribute to peace and rest. One of the main sources of light in any room are the ceiling lights and hanging chandeliers.


The Central fixture of any room which provides the necessary level of lighting is ceiling mounted or adjacent chandelier. It can be with one and with multiple bulbs, the number does not limited. The design of this lamp is very simple it consists of a frame which may have a completely different shape lampshades and the electric component.

The ceiling usually fits only one leg of the rope chain, or any other type of suspension mechanism. Then this part starts decorated frame which may diverge for any number of bulbs. At the end of the frame includes a cartridge with a bulb which is hidden in beautiful shades such as crystal.

Managing the chandelier takes place centrally by means of a switch which is usually placed near the entrance door to the room with the chandelier. To engage the whole scheme can one or more switches thereby adjusting the level of emitted light depending on needs. Chandeliers can be of various complexity with embedded electronic control systems ability to use a portable remote to adjust.

They can also be fitted instead of ordinary light switch with special relay which, together with the dimmer is able to very precisely and smoothly adjust the level of emitted light. This addition is very good in rooms which are used for different purposes.

Depending on how well you pick up a chandelier for every room in your home will depend not only quality and comfort but you will be able to save on lighting techniques.

As for those rooms which do not require very powerful lighting, you can buy weaker and not as expensive lamps which also would be sufficient. For this to happen to realize we will tell you what lamps it is better to buy for such facilities as a hallway bedroom living room and children's bathroom.

Hallway is a place that every guest or family member first enters after a hard day's work. And because the quality and the right lighting will be there will depend on how efficiently you are able to start their evening rest.

When choosing light bulbs in sconces and chandeliers pay attention to the intensity of light in adjacent rooms

If the return required is not too bright and relaxing lighting in the morning is best to make it a little brighter in order to be able to dress easier and see every flaw.

The chandelier in the hallway should not be too bulky and bright. It is best to provide it is dimmable, the light then will be able to adjust the lighting depending on the needs as the hallway can be used for different purposes.

The lighting of the corridor was of high quality need to equip at least two light sources local and Central

Hallway medium size is sufficient to install one Central chandelier and the light to place a few extra small lights.

Living room is also the place where the majority of domestic work and also the place where all the inhabitants of the house or apartment come for relaxing and spending evening time with family.

All lighting elements must be combined in style to go from one collection or have one color scheme

For a large meal will require a bright and quality light for the rest plenty of the average intensity to be able to relax your eyes and immerse yourself in a spiritual conversation over a Cup of coffee or tea.

To provide this level of light you'll need a fairly powerful one Central chandelier with the possibility of inclusion in several modes. Enough two full maximum light and weak light.

Thus you will have the opportunity to use a bright and intense light when necessary and for the usual evening of rest is enough to use not too bright but at the same time, sufficient light for comfortable viewing of TV, reading or conversation.

The design of this lamp can be very colorful with different crystal elements lush lampshades and other things. Depending on the height of the ceiling you can pick up the lamp size for the highest room you can find a very beautiful and large chandeliers ceiling which are sure to attract attention and attention to yourself.

Bedroom is a place which should promote rest and total relaxation. Being in a bright and sudden light is not able to provide the necessary level of rest and relaxation because in the bedroom it is best to use very soft and not too intense lighting.

In such an environment it is possible to fully rest to relax your eyes and to sink into the soft bed.

If you have a bedroom the altitude of 220-250 m, choose a chandelier to 30 cm in diameter

The bedroom can be equipped virtually the same chandelier as the living room but smaller and without the ability to adjust the brightness of the lighting. Of course this capability can be added depending on whether you need it or not.

Adjusting hue of the metal parts of the chandelier experts recommend to be guided by the color of window and door handles

The chandelier may have different crystal elements that will decorate it and will give an elegant appearance. A crystal can be ceiling which will diffuse and dim the bright light from the bulbs making it more soft and suitable.

The extra lighting you can install multiple bedside lamps on the wall they will serve as a great addition to the chandelier and to perfectly blend in. The word additional lighting can also be crystal.

The chandelier in the nursery should have a very high quality of light emitted. It is best to install a device that will have the ability to continuously adjust from very dim and quiet light and ending with the most vivid and intense lighting.

As the child needs to teach lessons to play and do their business then the lighting should be bright enough not to upset the delicate yet fully-formed vision.

For evening rest and relaxation should be able to adjust the lighting and make it a little softer then the eyes will relax and the baby will be able to more comfortable feel throughout the day.

Very good for a child's room will fit lamps with an electronic control system which has the ability to control and manage remote. So the child will be able to manage the chandelier and configure it so as it is convenient.

Bathroom is a place with high humidity and fumes so first of all, the lamp must have sufficient moisture resistance and the ability to work even in the case of direct contact with moisture. This criterion is fundamental and fully shows the quality and functionality of the chandelier in the bathroom environment.

If the luminaire is mounted closer such as 15 m from the bath degree of protection should be higher from area IPx4 water spray.

Then making sure that the chandelier is water-resistant, you can proceed to the selection of power. In this room we wash, we direct the morning putting on make-up because the lighting should be bright and saturated to be able to notice the smallest details.

Installing a chandelier above the tub preference should be given to lamps with a maximum moisture protection with closed shades

To do this, use compact ceiling chandelier with the ability to install bright light bulbs. The design should be stylized bathroom crystal elements in this case will not suit it is better to use a simple glass metal or plastic.

As almost all light sources produce heat that the surrounding space can significantly heat up. To place a chandelier should be at a sufficient distance from the ceiling surface and from the elements which can weld pogacsa etc.

R required total lighting power W And the area of the premises for General light or the illuminated area of the territory

Installing a chandelier should occur at a distance from such items, not less than forty centimeters in the case where light bulbs are used regiusace this parameter can be reduced.

Lighting standards should be adhered to strictly as they will depend on the quality of emitted light. When the amount of light in the room is not enough time to work or relax will be uncomfortable and you will not be able to fully relax.

Rules of lighting is regulated for each type of room one individual. You should carefully consider the lighting circuit to the main light source could provide the necessary amount of light.

For more quality lighting to the required standards can easily add fifteen to twenty percent.

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