Types of mercury-containing lamps

30 april 2017, 19:22

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Mercury lamps of different designs today still employ as they found their niche and are used in organization of the system of lighting large industrial facilities of the street. A generic term for the most common performance high pressure DRL which means the mercury arc fluorescent light bulb. This is a kind of gas-discharge light sources and is characterized by the 1 class of hazard due to the fact that the composition in addition includes mercury.


Design lamp DRL provides several key elements

Gas-discharge light sources from the inside are covered with phosphor. The arc lamp contains carbon dioxide which fills the outer flask. Functioning most of these lighting elements via a control gear BALLASTS but there is a separate type discharge lamp of the direct inclusion which do not require BALLAST and connect directly to the network.

Design lamp bulb DRL

Arc light sources operate based on the phenomenon of luminescence. In this case the emission occurs under the influence of ultraviolet radiation. It also produce mercury vapors which enter into the composition of the gaseous filling of the quartz bulb. These processes occur under the condition that through a quartz torch will pass an electrical discharge.

Gas-discharge light sources high pressure including and arc light bulb DRL are divided into two main groups General and specialized purposes. The first option is set to street lighting lamp. The second group of light sources high pressure is used in medicine certain industries as well as agriculture.

Moreover discharge lamps are divided into types in accordance with structural and functional differences. Range of capacities from 80 to 1000 watts. Often used the more powerful performance of 100 W 250 W 400 W and so on are divided by the number of electrodes of two-electrode capacity from 80 to 1,000 watts-electrode 250 to 1000 watts.

The peculiarity of these lamps is emitting additives hence the designation of the DRE mercury arc lighting elements with radiating additives. The external signs of this light source is similar to the analogue of the DRL.

Mercury lamp DRI

The difference between them is that the composition of the DRI also includes specialized components which strictly dosed halide sodium India and some others. This contributes to a significant increase of radiation efficiency.

The bulb may be in the form of an ellipsoid or cylinder. Mercury lamps of this type today contain ceramic burner is quartz analogue. Also gas-discharge light sources in this group have a better design in the particular form of the inner bulb may be spherical. Mercury lamps, DRI requires the inclusion in the circuit of the throttle.

Apply gas-lighting items of this type in the organization of outdoor lighting of streets, parks and squares they are included as the lighting trade and exhibition halls as well as major sports of football fields.

Mercury lamps of this type are similar in composition with the analogues DRI main content + produce supplements. But in addition to designed with a mirror layer. This bulb features a high pressure DRIES to provide a directed beam of light.

Metal halide light sources with a mirror layer DRIES

They are used in conditions of poor visibility due to high power level along with structural features contribute to effective lighting area of the object due to directional illumination.

These bulbs are high pressure stand out from a number of analogues. This is facilitated by the following factors spherical shape of the bulb radiation of high intensity. And in addition to a mercury quartz lamp is characterized by ultra-high pressure.

Light bulbs high pressure DRS

The scope of highly specialized directions, in particular projection system laboratory equipment.

This type of bulbs has a different shape of the bulb than the above counterparts. For example PRK stands for direct mercury-quartz lighting element. This initial identification of the DRT arc mercury lamp of tubular shape.

Switching to a different labeling occurred in the 80 years of the last century. A mercury quartz lamp in this model is characterized by the shape of the bulb in the form of a cylinder, the electrodes are located on the end portions of the bulb.

Mercury-containing lamps due to the presence in the structure of the phosphor at the output give the color closest to white. Neutral tint is obtained by mixing radiation of the gaseous constituents of the bulb and the phosphor. In particular, the mercury vapor produce illumination of different colors blue green purple orange. But in addition emit soft ultraviolet rigid.

Combined the phosphor and gas filling of the bulb located inside the bulb high pressure DRI allows to obtain different colors of light green and purple. This is achieved by changing the composition ratio of the radiating additives.

Mercury fluorescent lamps are connected to the network in most cases through the throttle CONTROLS. In fact, this node represents the current limiter conducive to the smooth insertion of the light source a high pressure in operation. In the absence of control gear light bulb DRL will burn because of the passage through the electrodes of high current values.

However, there are analogs of direct connection. For their proper operation does not require a throttle you can set the lamp high pressure lamp. Such light sources are denoted by the DRV mercury arc tungsten. They are similar in characteristics with the DRL option. The choice of control gear is made on the basis of the power of the bulb.

Determination of the most suitable kind of lamp is carried out taking into account the main parameters of the light source

Features and characteristics of different light sources

For light sources DRL and other analog-connected reactor can be provided the voltage across the lamp.

Given that the illumination elements of the type DRL, and other similar performances is part of the mercury hazard class 1 store items with damaged bulbs in unprepared premises is prohibited. Especially if we are talking about the amount of hazardous waste in industrial scale. To engage in the storage, transportation and further utilization of the licensed UNEP.

Allowed temporary storage of mercury discharge lamps. Therefore, for the collection and accumulation plays indoor warehouse and prepared a sealed container. To save hazardous waste to the moment of transportation with a view to their subsequent disposal.

The process of elimination of mercury-containing lamps is carried out in different ways demercurization amalgamation high-temperature firing thermal recycling method of vibro-pneumatic technology. For this there is a manual.

But one thing unites them the need for recycling of waste hazard class 1 at the end of life or after the violation of the integrity of the bulb. For disposal provided instruction and provide such services licensed organization such as UNEP.

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